How Much Do Replacement Gutters cost?

How Much Does Gutter Replacement Cost in Escondido, California?

Welcome, Escondido homeowners! Depending on a variety of factors, replacement gutter installation can cost as little as $600 in Escondido, California, up to as much as $8,000. This guide will help you figure out how much you might pay for gutter replacement.

Factors Affecting Gutter Costs in Escondido

  1. Material Type: The choice of material plays a significant role in determining the cost. The most popular materials include vinyl, aluminum, steel, and copper, each with its price range.
  2. Home Size and Design: Homes with more levels or complex roof designs may need more gutters, driving up the cost.
  3. Gutter Style and Size: Different gutter styles and sizes have varying prices. Larger gutters or intricate designs tend to be more expensive.
  4. Labor Costs: The cost of labor can also vary. It generally depends on the complexity of the project and the contractor you hire.

Average Cost of Replacing Your Gutters in Escondido, CA

The average cost for gutter replacement in Escondido varies. Here’s what you might expect to pay based on the materials:

  • Vinyl: $3 to $5 per linear foot
  • Aluminum: $6 to $12 per linear foot
  • Steel: $9 to $20 per linear foot
  • Copper: $25 to $40 or more per linear foot

Keep in mind that these costs include both materials and labor.

Detailed Breakdown of Gutter Replacement Costs

To give you a better understanding of the costs involved, let’s break down each aspect:

Material Costs

Each type of gutter material has its advantages and disadvantages, reflected in their prices.

  • Vinyl Gutters: These are the least expensive, costing $3 to $5 per linear foot. They’re lightweight and resistant to rust.
  • Aluminum Gutters: A step up from vinyl, aluminum gutters cost between $6 and $12 per linear foot. They’re also rust-resistant and slightly more durable.
  • Steel Gutters: More durable than aluminum, steel gutters can cost between $9 and $20 per linear foot. They can handle heavy rainfall, but may rust over time.
  • Copper Gutters: The most expensive option, copper gutters range from $25 to $40 per linear foot. They’re extremely durable and offer a distinctive look.

Labor Costs

Labor costs can range between $1 and $5 per linear foot in Escondido, depending on the complexity of the installation.

Choosing the Right Contractor in Escondido

Don’t let price be your only guide when choosing a contractor. Consider their experience, references, and the quality of their previous work. Ask for a detailed quote and check for any hidden charges.

Saving Money on Gutter Replacement

Here are a few tips to help you save money:

  1. Do Your Research: Compare quotes from different contractors before making a decision.
  2. Consider DIY: If you’re handy, consider installing the gutters yourself to save on labor costs.
  3. Maintenance: Regular maintenance can extend the life of your gutters, reducing the need for replacements.

Preparing for Gutter Replacement in Escondido

Before the contractor arrives, clear the area around your house to give them easy access to your roof. Make sure to discuss any concerns with your contractor beforehand.

Gutter Replacement Companies in Escondido, CA

A-1 Raingutters

630 Superior St, Escondido, CA 92029

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2120 W Mission Rd, Escondido, CA 92029

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On Site Rain Gutters

543 N Elm St #2, Escondido, CA 92025

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Gutter replacement cost in Escondido, California, can range significantly depending on various factors. Doing your research and understanding these costs can help you make a more informed decision.


  1. What is the cheapest type of gutter to install in Escondido?
    Vinyl gutters are the least expensive, ranging from $3 to $5 per linear foot.
  2. What is the most expensive type of gutter to install in Escondido?
    Copper gutters are the most expensive, costing between $25 to $40 or more per linear foot.
  3. Can I save money by installing gutters myself?
    Yes, if you’re handy and confident in your abilities, you could save on labor costs by installing the gutters yourself.
  4. What other costs should I consider when replacing my gutters in Escondido?
    Remember to factor in costs such as gutter guards, downspouts, and potential repairs to fascia or soffits.
  5. How often should I replace my gutters in Escondido?
    Generally, gutters should be replaced every 20 years, but this depends on the material used and the weather conditions in Escondido.

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