How Much Do Replacement Gutters cost?

How Much Does Gutter Replacement Cost in Paterson, New Jersey?

Depending on a variety of factors, replacement gutter installation can cost as little as $600 in Paterson, NJ, up to as much as $8,000. This guide will help you figure out how much you might pay for gutter replacement.

Factors Affecting Gutter Costs in Paterson

Just like any other home improvement project, the cost of replacing your gutters is influenced by several factors:

  1. Material: The type of material used for your gutters can significantly impact the cost. Vinyl gutters are relatively inexpensive, while copper gutters are on the pricier end.
  2. Size: The larger your home, the more guttering you’ll need, which naturally increases the cost.
  3. Labor: The cost of labor varies depending on the complexity of the job and the contractor’s experience.

Importance of Material Choice

Your choice of gutter material will have a substantial impact on the overall cost. Here’s a quick rundown of the common materials used for gutters:

  • Vinyl: This material is known for its affordability and easy installation. However, it’s not as durable as other options, particularly in colder climates.
  • Aluminum: A step up from vinyl in terms of durability, but still reasonably priced. Aluminum is a popular choice for many homeowners.
  • Steel: Tough and long-lasting, but also more expensive than vinyl or aluminum.
  • Copper: The crème de la crème of gutter materials. Copper gutters are stunning and durable but come with a high price tag.

Labor Cost Variations

Different contractors have varying labor costs, which also contribute to the total gutter replacement cost. In Paterson, NJ, the average labor cost for gutter installation falls within the range of material costs mentioned above.

Average Cost of Replacing Your Gutters in Paterson, NJ

To give you a better idea of what you might be looking at in terms of costs, we’ve compiled some average figures for gutter replacement in Paterson, NJ.

Cost per Material

The cost for gutter replacement varies depending on the material used. Below are the average costs per linear foot for the different materials:

  • Vinyl: $3 to $5
  • Aluminum: $6 to $12
  • Steel: $9 to $20
  • Copper: $25 to $40

Keep in mind that these are just the material costs. You’ll also need to factor in the labor costs for the installation.

Additional Costs

While the figures above give a good estimate of what you’ll pay for the materials and installation, there might be additional costs involved. For instance, if your existing gutter system needs to be removed before the new one is installed, there will likely be a removal and disposal fee. Additionally, any modifications to your roofline to accommodate the new gutters can add to the total cost.

Making a Smart Choice: Gutter Replacement in Paterson, NJ

Armed with this knowledge, how do you go about making a smart choice when it comes to gutter replacement in Paterson, NJ?

Finding the Right Contractor

When it comes to finding the right contractor, it’s crucial to look at more than just the quoted cost. You should also consider their reputation, experience, and whether they specialize in the type of gutter system you want to install.

Considering Material Lifespan

While the upfront cost is certainly important, you should also think about the lifespan of the different materials. For example, copper gutters have a higher upfront cost, but they also last significantly longer than vinyl gutters. Sometimes, paying a bit more upfront can save you money in the long run.

Gutter Replacement Companies in Paterson, NJ

E&E Gutters

75 Goshen St, Paterson, NJ 07503

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Ceres Gutters

34 Park St, Paterson, NJ 07503

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Jake Gutters LLC

155 Burlington Ave, Paterson, NJ 07502

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Replacing your gutters is a significant home improvement project, but with this guide, you should have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to costs in Paterson, NJ. Remember to consider both the upfront costs and the longevity of the materials when making your decision.


Q1: What is the average cost of gutter replacement in Paterson, NJ?
The cost can range from $600 to $8,000, depending on factors like the material used and the size of your home.

Q2: How much does labor cost for gutter installation in Paterson, NJ?
The cost of labor can vary greatly depending on the contractor and the complexity of the job. It’s usually in line with the material costs mentioned above.

Q3: How do I choose the right contractor for gutter replacement?
Look at their reputation, experience, and specialization in addition to the cost. Make sure they have experience with the type of gutter system you want to install.

Q4: What factors should I consider when choosing a material for my gutters?
Think about the cost, the climate of your area, the aesthetic you want to achieve, and the lifespan of the material.

Q5: Are there any additional costs involved in gutter replacement?
There might be additional costs for removal and disposal of your existing gutter system, as well as any modifications needed to your roofline to accommodate the new gutters.

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